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It is a crucial decision to search for a free web host. It can be difficult to find a reliable web host, especially when there are so many options and service providers. The task can become even more daunting when you add in all the promises and feature sheets.

It doesn't have it to be. Let's look at the most important features that a reliable free web hosting provider should provide:

Bandwidth and Disk Space

The amount of disk space you are granted by your free web hosting provider is called disk space. This space is used to store files for your websites, such as text, images, and audio. files you use for your website.

Bandwidth is the number of visitors that can access your website. Every time a visitor types in the website name in their browser, access means they have access to your website. Every visitor who receives something from your sites, such as a photo, an audio clip, or a file, is called Leave.

If your website contains a lot of graphics (e.g. You will need more storage and bandwidth if you have a lot of photos.

FTP and Website Creator

If you are new to web design and have little or no experience with scripting, you might consider a free web host that provides a website creation application. You can choose a template and add your text and images.

FTP stands to File Transfer Protocol. This protocol allows you to transfer your website files from your computer onto your web hosting server. You can upload your website files, including images, from your computer to the server of your service provider. You can also download files from your Webhosting server to your computer. FTP access should be available 24/7 from a good web hosting provider.


Your free web hosting service should offer email services. This will allow you to set up email addresses. You should have access to your email via your web browser.

Support and uptime

Always choose a web hosting company that offers free email and telephone support.

No host can guarantee 100% uptime. They should offer "just in case" measures to minimize website and email downtime. These may include server and network monitoring 24/7, redundant hardware and network configurations, onsite power supply, and onsite backup power. These technicalities may not be easy to understand, but you can check to see if your web hosting provider lists them on their website. Ask them about it if they don't.


You should not expect to pay anything for the basic features of a free web host provider. Banner ads are not an acceptable way to lower pricing. No free web hosting provider that places ads on your site is allowed.


Your own free web hosting provider vpswala provides these all features. Please try our free hosting service and let us know what you think.

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