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Get Best Free WordPress Hosting With Ample Of Space and Good Bandwidth With Cpanel No Ads

When you are constructing a WordPress site(you can call this blog ), hosting could be the most crucial and critical element. If you are organizing a very simple blog or a little portfolio, then you might not wish to acquire an expensive service with features you won't utilize. We're at VPSWALA is one of the leading free WordPress hosting providers on the planet at this time.

WordPress is considered one of the best CMS for blogging. Every day, thousands of people, hobbyist programmers, and business owners decide to join the millions of sites that are powered by WordPress CMS.

Even well-known companies and brands use WordPress to expand their online presence. And thanks to the free and simplicity of this platform, almost anyone can create an impressive website, regardless of their level of technical knowledge.

As most of us understand WordPress is among the most frequently utilized Content Management Software (CMS) from the digital world now, Launched in 2003 by Automatic. It's so popular that nearly 34 percent of all of the sites on the World Wide Web use WordPress to power their websites. Whether this figure isn't impressive enough, consider this -- a number of the planet's giant brands -- of the likes of Microsoft, Facebook News, MTV, and Vogue use content management platform WordPress to power their websites.

There are numerous pros of working with this complimentary, open-source PHP, highly customizable content management applications -- one which may be utilized in the introduction of a site of any type of business, large or little, and belonging to almost any industrial domain. The perfect method of utilizing the full capabilities of the powerful CMS would be to engage a free WordPress hosting firm like us. Your accounts include PHP 7 and also completely free HTTPS protection to satisfy the recommended WordPress Hosting surroundings!

Among the foremost things to do when developing a site is to pick the ideal CMS. The critical evaluation point is the website created ought to be SEO-friendly making it simple for search engines to locate out it among tens of thousands of different websites. With ample plugins and safety available WordPress is your best CMS at the moment.

Features Of Our Free WordPress Hosting

There are lots of attributes which have to be considered as well as before making a decision. Our WordPress Hosting becomes a favorite choice based on these variables:

Ease of usage

It's essential that the instrument we use to run a specified task is straightforward and user-friendly. Among the biggest benefits of WordPress is the fact that it's been made to ease instant and easy website designing. We've got Softaculouse to install WordPress.

  • No specialized know-how needed to utilize the machine.
    Just install WordPress and you're all set to begin working.
    User-friendly Capabilities.
  • Routine security upgrades and maintenance releases in the WordPress team.
  • The easy direction of this site developed with WordPress.
    The CMS has been created in view of international coding criteria.
  • A flexible and versatile platform that enables control of your website from any apparatus, located anywhere on earth.
    Free applications with open source. Additionally, highly reliable and trustworthy. Any technical jolt is instantly solved by the neighborhood.
  • Scalable, so that if your company grows, your website can be so evolved efficiently.
  • Content management applications WordPress encourages programmers to become more creative and exhibit their own creativity.
    Availability of free Plugins that empower developers to create the site operationally and innovatively.
  • Multiple users may use the system concurrently to edit and edit
2. Designing Flexibility
  • Not just the front, however, the backend is also very favorable and clutter-free.
  • Helps preserve design consistency and flexibility throughout.
  • It is readily incorporated with other third-party applications platforms and plug-ins.
  • Display pictures and movies instantly.
    Inbuilt hunts, readily adjustable webpage designs, along with other designing attributes

3. Security

  • Feel secure security standards with countless free plug-ins, a foolproof authentication and password security program, and built-in resources to detect and handle spam.
  • Routine security and software upgrades.
  • Malware monitoring and scanning features.

4. SEO features

  1. HTML isn't any large task using WordPress.
  2. Helps create cellular responsive websites.
  3. Seamless navigation brings Google search engines immediately.
    All significant browser is harmonious.
  4. Effortless integration with social networking platforms.
  5. It's among the very credible CMS on earth -- thus makes your branding appear better and more powerful.
  6. Search-friendly URLs, change Permalinks, simple ad direction, ping-back centers, H1 tags, center to maximize images and content, label generation, and easy interlinking are SEO-friendly characteristics of WordPress.
  7. With a clean layout and development, the loading rate of sites increases.

6. Quick Hosting

Our Turbo Servers would be the quickest WordPress Hosting on the market. Content creation and direction. It's simple for content managers to make articles on this CMS.

7. Developer Friendly

We have had a solid focus on loading your accounts together with all the best versions of their very popular development program. Only Some of the development applications available on your account comprise:

PHP 5.6, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 or 8.0 (Choose Your Version) MySQL 5.6/

Pros of Free WordPress Hosting

Simple engine installation process. All you have to do is register an account - no WordPress installation is required.

  • Access to hundreds of free WordPress themes
  • You get access to the Console to manage your site.
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited traffic

512 MB disk space

Is it better to choose paid or free WordPress hosting?

For beginners, free hosting is most likely suitable. If you want to wipe the big project, it is better to rent a dedicated server and find a competent administrator.

But which one is right for you?

Everyone knows how easy it is to create a website today. With an idea in mind and a computer (or cell phone) with internet, it is possible to publish a website in minutes. And the best, without spending a penny. And that is how many start on the internet. Thanks to free tools, such as, that allow you to create websites and blogs easily and at no cost. And if for some, the site is just a hobby, for others it is a profession.

Custom Domain

The domain is one of the most striking differences between's free and paid modalities. When we create a free website or blog on this tool, we are required to use an address within the domain. In the paid version, we can use any domain.

It works as follows: in free WordPress, when choosing the site name, it automatically places at the address. So your address has a structure similar to: . The same occurs with other free platforms, such as Blogger and Wix. In fact, what you're using is a subdomain of

More recently created new free addresses, especially for bloggers. Instead of the final, it is now also possible to create addresses within a .blog subdomain, such as It remains limited, but it is more of a free option.

But why have a custom domain? Perhaps you are asking yourself that question. One reason to have your own domain is to give more credibility to your website or blog . When we have an address with the ending “wordpress”, “wix” or “blogger”, we give a less professional image to the site visitors. Because it is free, it can convey the idea that it is not so reliable, because the person or company behind the site has not even invested in a domain, something considered basic today.

Another reason would be the visibility in search engines. Imagine that you have had a blog for years and then decide to register a domain to make it more professional. In doing so, you will need to change all URLs for the new domain. This change will impact your placement on Google, even temporarily. And even if you did the URL redirects. To avoid this problem, the ideal would be to start with the address you intend to use permanently . In addition, many claim that ranking is also affected by sites that do not have their own domain.

WordPress Ads

Another big difference between free and paid WordPress plans is in the display of company ads. In the free plan, your site displays WordPress ads and you get nothing for it. In paid plans this does not happen. The explanation is simple. Imagine that you have a company that allows you to create websites for free. Thousands of users come in every day to create and publish websites and blogs, without spending any dollars on your business.

Your company needs to pay bills, including with servers to store all this content. This thing doesn't seem to make much sense, does it? Unless there is an interesting counterpart for the company. In exchange for offering something for free to users, the company serves ads from itself on the free websites and blogs built on the tool. That way, they get more users. Some of them will become subscribers to paid plans, returning revenue to the company.


All plans differ in how much space you have to store your website files. The free plan offers 512 MB of storage space. Paid plans provides paid 1 GB, 2 GB, and even 3 GB storage. It's a lot of space, even on the free plan.

Themes and layout customization

One of the strengths of WordPress is the number of themes available. There are thousands of free and paid themes. Although reduced, even on the variety is satisfactory. In total, there are more than 300 themes (layouts) ready to be used.

In this case, the difference between the plans is in the number of themes available. To have access to premium WordPress themes you must have a paid Premium plan (or higher),. At the moment, there are almost 200 themes in this category. The free and Personal plans have access to 131 themes. It is still a good variety, but depending on the needs of your website or blog, you are likely to miss a different design or more options that best match your type of content.

In addition to the number of themes, the level of customization of the design is also restricted in the free plan up to Personal. They can only change the theme's color scheme, background and default font styles. And in a reduced range of options. This is enough to give your page a different look, but it can be frustrating over time if you try to evolve with the layout. In other words, if you want to have complete control over the appearance of your website or blog on, you need to have a paid plan from “Premium” . With it you have more layout options and can edit the theme's CSS at will. What's more, if you want to upload your own theme, you can do it from the Business plan .


The last significant difference between free and paid WordPress is the type of support provided to users. In free WordPress you have basic support, which is access to the WordPress community. Like users, you are on your own and need to find the answers to your questions.

Naturally, the WordPress community is huge and can help you with many issues. Still, you are the one who needs to look for solutions (or hire someone to help you). Paid plans are supported by chat and e-mail, which can help in the creation and administration of your website or blog. Nothing like talking directly to those who understand, when you need it. If this is a convenience you value, consider taking out a paid WordPress plan.

Why choose Free WordPress?

The choice of the ideal modality depends on a combination of factors, but I hope to help you with some tips.

When to choose free WordPress:

  • If you are just starting out and still don't know if it is worth investing;
  • If your blog or website is just a hobby and you have no big plans with it;
  • If you don't have the resources to hire a plan, but want to have some presence on the internet.


As we have seen, offers many possibilities for anyone to publish their website. With a little dedication it is possible to create a great blog or website, without spending money, through free WordPress.


Our website hosting has got the softaculous script installer, you are able to install greater than 400 popular scripts or applications including Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla having a couple of clicks.


We provide 24x7 live chat support for free.

Unlimited And Fastest Hosting

VPSWALA provides you with superior quality website hosting services free of charge with limitless disk space, limitless bandwidth and 50 mysql database. We are amongst the very fastest free website hosting provider. Our servers operated by Quad core Apple processor and well-balanced so you'll never face any speed issue.

Free SSL

We have installed Let's Encrypt SSL pre-configured for your site.