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Apache Vs Nginx Web Servers – Which is Best?

May 24, 2022, Written by 0 comment

In your search for a reliable, fast, and efficient web server, you have unquestionably come across the statement that Apache is the most common and most used worldwide.

But is there a better web server than Apache? All web servers are in an apparent struggle for conquest and popularity. Without a doubt, Apache is one of the oldest and most used software to receive, analyze and send web pages to the user’s browser, responding to their requests.

However, it has quite an exciting competition, and it is Nginx, launched to resolve Apache’s performance limitations (according to its developer).

When it comes to the competition between both web servers, at VPSWALA, we want to give you the details of what each of them offers so that you can finally draw your conclusions.


This software was launched in the market in 1995 and immediately became the most popular server. Today it maintains this position, but mainly for legacy reasons.

It is a free and open-source HTTP web server, which means that the software’s source code is openly accessible and can be changed or distributed by anyone. It is specially designed for Unix platforms (Linux, BSD, GNU, etc.), Microsoft, Windows, and Macintosh implementing the HTTP protocol.

The Apache Software Foundation developed, maintained, and runs between 45% and 47% of websites worldwide. Apache is highly customizable since its structure is based on dynamic modules that allow the server administrator to activate or deactivate any additional functionality.

It has security modules, URL rewriting, password authentication, caching, cookies, directory protection (htpasswd), etc. Also, if you want to adjust your configurations on the server, you can do it through .htaccess, an Apache configuration file compatible with various hosting plans. This is one of its main advantages.

It also comes installed on most Linux distributions, such as Red Hat/Centos and Ubuntu, which keeps Apache in a good position in the market.

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It is a newer webserver application, first released in 2004 and gaining popularity. The goal of its creation is based on solving a problem called c10k.

This problem implies that a server that uses threads to handle client requests cannot simultaneously take more than 10,000 connections.

Nginx has an event-driven architecture for this specific case without creating a new process for each user request. All requests are handled in a single operation, making it much more efficient for owners of high-traffic websites.

Some websites like Netflix or Pinterest use it due to this advantage, but it is not recommended for small and medium websites. Nginx is not widely used by hosting providers despite its efficiency and speed. Like Apache, it is free and open-source software.

Knowing a little more about each of these web servers, the question arises, which one is the best for you? Due to their similarity in some things, it is essential to compare according to critical characteristics.

Comparative features of Apache vs. Nginx

As has already been said, both are open source and are the largest in the world in their category.

Both Apache and Nginx are designed to handle different workloads and complement various types of software.


Depending on the applications, each website has to deal with many different situations, which means that their flexibility is an essential feature.

Apache can provide greater flexibility because it supports more than 60 modules, expanding its functionality. Another advantage of Apache is that it allows customization using the .htaccess tool, but Nginx does not.


Isn’t it true that you will choose the fastest web host if you want an efficient website? Of course! Surely you don’t want users to run into crashes because of the slow crashed web server.

Nginx’s thread management allows for better response, in this case, handling a more significant number of requests simultaneously. In addition, it makes a more efficient consumption of computing resources (RAM).


These two web servers have excellent security policies, as their development teams do what is necessary to prevent DDoS attacks. They are constantly updated, and that is very important.


Although this is not a technical feature, it dramatically influences the level of community support they have. Apache and Nginx are arguably very popular these days, but Apache is a bit above the latter due to the support it receives from the open-source community.

So, is there a better web server than Apache? In truth, the web host you consider best will depend on what you need on your website. If you require more customization in your website connections or need a lot of information, Apache is an ideal option.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a web server that is larger and faster for a large number of clients to access, Nginx becomes a better option in that specific case.

Of course, other web servers fulfill their function very well, such as LiteSpeed, Microsoft IIS, or Sun Java. In reality, they all respond to different needs, and the one you choose will only depend on the requirements of your site.

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