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CentOS 7 vs AlmaLinux 8 : Navigating the Transition

November 24, 2023, Written by 0 comment

AlmaLinux, emerging as a CentOS replacement, fills the void created by RedHat’s shift from CentOS to CentOS Stream. This shift prompted the creation of alternatives worldwide, including AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux. In this article, we delve into AlmaLinux’s origins and provide insights to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

CentOS vs CentOS Stream: Understanding the Shift

CentOS Stream, serving as the upstream testing ground for RHEL, introduced a significant change, testing new software before RHEL deployment. While CentOS Stream attracts users seeking the latest software versions, it poses a challenge for those prioritizing stability, with a shortened End-of-Life (EOL) window.

What is CentOS?

CentOS, a downstream distribution from RHEL, historically provided a stable platform for enterprise deployments. It underwent rigorous testing on Fedora before being deployed downstream to CentOS users, ensuring reliability for cloud computing and web hosting.

What is AlmaLinux?

AlmaLinux, a CentOS replacement developed by the CloudLinux team, aims to be 1:1 binary compatible with RHEL and non-stream CentOS. Community-driven by the AlmaLinux foundation, it presents a viable alternative for users seeking stability.

CentOS vs AlmaLinux: Unveiling the Differences


  • Downstream from RHEL: Both AlmaLinux and CentOS follow a downstream distribution model.
  • 10-year Lifetime: AlmaLinux and CentOS offer a decade of software updates.
  • Community-Driven: Both projects are community-driven with experienced backing.
  • Price: Free of charge, catering to both individual and commercial users.
  • Package Management: Both use RPM format, managed by the DNF utility.


  • Backing Companies: CentOS backed by RedHat, AlmaLinux backed by CloudLinux.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages: CentOS boasts a proven track record, stability, and a longer support lifetime. AlmaLinux, being newer, emphasizes ease of use and familiarity for former CentOS users.

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Choosing Between CentOS and AlmaLinux

Deciding between CentOS and AlmaLinux depends on priorities. CentOS, known for stability and a proven pedigree, contrasts AlmaLinux’s freshness and ease of use. With the last supported CentOS version available until 2024, users have time to consider AlmaLinux or other Linux distributions.

Wrapping Up

While transitioning operating systems may seem daunting, AlmaLinux offers a promising alternative for CentOS users. This article explores the similarities, differences, advantages, and disadvantages of CentOS and AlmaLinux. If you’re ready to embrace AlmaLinux, explore Liquid Web’s hosting options, including VPS and dedicated servers, to kickstart your journey with this emerging Linux distribution.

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