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SSD Hosting – Facts And Why We Need it?

September 12, 2020, Written by 0 comment

One of the novel concepts that are very useful in the internet field is SSD hosting. What is SSD hosting? What advantages does it offer to network service providers? Here we will try to see some answers to these questions.

These days it is absolutely necessary to handle basic concepts that are related to the Hosting & Internet. The web is a necessary tool for almost anything we set out to do today. Its global reach and its increasing complexity force users to seek to be more and more up-to-date in relation to technological advances, innovations in terms of language, and, in general, the infinite possibilities it offers us, to communicate, entertain ourselves, exchange content, trade goods and services, and thousands of other things.

What is web hosting?

Hosting or hosting, is as its name indicates, a service that provides to anyone who has a web page of a data storage system (images, video, text), which can be accessible via the web. This system basically consists in that the web page in question occupies a space within a server, which is the one that provides the hosting service.

The hosting service did not start immediately with the advent of the internet. Initially, in the early 1990s, the use of the internet was restricted to research, and only for educational purposes related to science and engineering. The use of information exchange protocols was in full swing, and the worldwide web protocol was just beginning to be implemented, after its creation at CERN in Geneva by Tim Berners Lee’s team.

Around the middle of the decade, the use of the www protocol and the web page format began to be standardized, which led to the creation of the first companies dedicated to web hostings, such as Geocities, Angelfire, and Tripod.

Types of Web Hosting

There are several types of accommodation that differ in the first place based on the size of their users. Smaller hosting services, generally oriented to hosting personal pages, offer a service that, precisely because it is free, is accompanied by advertising. This type of accommodation has space limitations, also due to its free nature.

Larger companies require greater storage capacities for all types of data and information, so they usually hire paid hosting services that also offer the possibility of expanding the hosting space of everything related to their website.

These services are generally contracted together with the internet connection service as such. When this is not the case, hosting companies can offer greater storage capacities, perform automatic tasks or they can provide the customer with a free email account service.

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The new trend: SSD hosting

SSD is the acronym for Solid State Drive, that is, Solid State Drive. As its name indicates, SSD hosting is a web page information hosting service that uses solid-state information storage devices. This implies the non-use of moving parts.

This has a significant effect since the speed of data transfer is much higher compared to traditional storage. In the same way, this hosting system is much safer, since it offers extensive protection options against all types of viruses, damage, hardware, and network failures.

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