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How To Connect To Windows VPS Using RDP in 3 Simple Steps?

February 24, 2024, Written by 0 comment

So you signed up for a blazing fast Windows VPS. Maybe you want to host a site on IIS, manage a custom app, or tap into the power of a Windows server environment.

But now comes the fun part – actually accessing your virtual private server!

The excellent news is that remote desktoping into a Windows VPS is super simple. In just 3 quick steps, you can connect using RDP and start using your cloud-based Windows desktop.

Let me show you how…

An Intro to Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

First, a fast 101 on RDP. This handy network protocol allows you to control a remote PC over the network. It’s like being teleported to sit in front of the computer even if you’re physically far away.

Some examples of RDP superpowers:

  • Remotely work on Windows apps, sites
  • Access documents, media, software
  • Manage installed programs
  • Control server environments
  • Technical support capabilities

So rather than having to connect a display or lug around the server machine, you can access the Windows VPS right from your own computer. Pretty sweet!

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty of setting up RDP access…

Step 1: Enable Remote Desktop on Windows Server

The first step is making sure your Windows VPS allows remote desktop connections.

Most hosts like VpsWala have this enabled out of the box. But double check to be positive.

To confirm RDP access:

  1. Login to VPS control panel
  2. Under services, ensure Remote Desktop is toggled on
  3. Check firewall allows port 3389 traffic

And that’s it! The hosting provider handles the rest of the RDP configuration.

Step 2: Download a Remote Desktop Client

Now you need an RDP client on your local computer to connect through.

You have a few solid options here for Windows and Mac:

Windows – Built-in Remote Desktop App

If using a Windows PC, you already have an RDP client – no download necessary!

Just search for Remote Desktop Connection to find the built-in app.

The only potential catch is you may need to enable remote desktop connection under Windows settings first.

Mac – Microsoft Remote Desktop App

For Mac users, grab the official Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the App Store.

It provides the full RDP experience to let Apple users access Windows VPS desktops.

Cross-Platform – Apache Guacamole

If you need to RDP into your Windows VPS from any device, check out Apache Guacamole.

This open-source client runs via web browser so works on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android…anything modern!

It takes a bit more setup, but enables RDP capability from every gadget.

Step 3: Connect to Your Windows VPS via RDP

Alright – with remote access enabled and an RDP client ready, time for the magic!

Follow these steps to remote desktop into your Windows server:

  1. Open your remote desktop application
  2. Enter your Windows VPS IP address
  3. Enter admin username and password
  4. Click Connect and access your virtual desktop!

windows rdp username password

Once connected, the Windows VPS boots and runs just like you’re sitting in front of the actual computer.

Now you can launch programs, access files, adjust settings, and manage your server environment with full admin control.

And thanks to the speedy network connection, everything responds instantly without lag or delay. So cool!

Key Advantages of Windows VPS Hosting from VpsWala

Okay, now that you know how simple RDP connections are, let’s chat about why we love Windows VPS plans from VpsWala.

Some of the biggest upsides:

‍♂️ High Performance Hardware – Their Windows plans tap into speedy enterprise-grade servers with cutting edge Intel processors, NVMe SSD storage and plenty of ECC RAM for max throughput.

⚡ Hyper-V Virtualization – For efficiency and resource control, your Windows Server gets spun up using Microsoft’s lighting fast Hyper-V technology.

Enhanced Windows Security – VpsWala optimizes the OS with end-point protections for malware defense and intrusion detection.

️ Full Admin Access – You have total control like a dedicated server, with complete installation rights ideal for developers and apps.

Global Datacenter Options – Deploy your Windows VPS to datacenters across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Legendary Support – Friendly 24/7 assistance via live chat, phone, or ticket for any issues.

So for a blazing Windows hosting environment with full remote desktop capabilities, VpsWala can’t be beat!

Their optimized VPS infrastructure brings serious speed, control, and security to Windows computing in the cloud.

Check out VpsWala’s Managed Windows VPS Plans!

And there you have it – connecting to your Windows Server is a breeze with RDP. Now unleash Windows desktop power with full remote control anytime, anywhere!

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