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10 File Server Cloud Storage – Free Storage & Sharing Options of 2024

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Let’s be real – nobody likes dealing with storage limits on their devices. And who even uses flash drives anymore? Lucky for us, file server cloud storage has got our digital pack rat backs.

These days, the cloud storage game is hotter than ever with fancy new features popping up left and right. But with so many options to choose from, how do you know which file hosts are the cats pajamas?

Well friends, I’ve tested over 10 top file server cloud storages to help you figure out the best places to stash your stuff online. In this year’s showdown, we’ll compare features, pricing, security, and more to crown the cloud kings! Let’s gooo…

Do You Even Need File Server Cloud Storage Though?

Great question! I mean hey – hard drives and external SSDs still exist.

Here are some key reasons to let someone else worry about storage:

  • Access files from any device with internet
  • Built-in backup for disaster recovery
  • Share huge files without size limits
  • Real-time collaboration on docs
  • Top-grade security protections
  • Scales to any storage needs

So whether you’re storing family photos, work documents, creative projects or your entire MP3 collection, cloud storage has you covered!

Now let’s jump into this year’s battle royale of superior file hosting…

1. Sync – Most Secure File Lockers

Security: AES-256 & zero-knowledge encryption
Free Storage: 5GB
Paid Plans: $8/month for 2TB

If watertight security and privacy are your top concern, Sync has all your file hosting needs on lock. They offer:

  • Fully encrypted storage across devices
  • No tracking or data mining
  • File version histories
  • Remote wipe lost devices
  • Priority on compliance standards

We love how Sync covers device syncing, sharing, backup, and collaboration without complexity or compromising protection. Overall our top privacy pick!

See Sync Plans

2. Google Drive – Most Popular

Security: Reliable but not encrypted
Free Storage: 15GB
Paid Plans: $1.99/month 100GB

If you live in Gmail, use Android, edit docs in Google Workspace, or frequent the other Google apps, then Drive is a no brainer for cloud storage.

Why else is Drive so popular?

✅ Works seamlessly across devices
✅ Excellent built-in file viewer & editor
✅ Intuitive organization with search
✅ Great platform for real-time collaboration

You’ll sacrifice some security and customization versus other tools. But for pure simplicity and convenience accessing files on the go, Drive still reigns supreme.

Grab Google Drive

3. Dropbox – Best UI/UX

Security: Decent protections
Free Storage: 2GB
Paid Plans: $9.99/month for 2TB

Since their iconic launch back in the late 2000s, Dropbox has focused big time on refining a delightful user experience.

The result? An intuitive yet powerful cloud storage interface for:

️ Organizing files and folders
Quick file previews & access
Easy drag n’ drop uploads
Selective sync for saving space

You don’t quite get the collaboration chops of Google or Microsoft. But for personal cloud storage and backups, Dropbox nails both simplicity and functionality.

Explore Dropbox Plans

4. IDrive – Best Backup & Recovery

Security: 256-bit AES encryption
Free Storage: 5GB
Paid Plans: $52.12/year for 2TB

While IDrive handles standard cloud storage needs like device syncing and file sharing, they specialize in bulletproof data backup and restoration tools.

IDrive really goes the extra mile to protect your stuff with:

️ Continuous mirroring of files
Backup status monitoring
Disaster recovery services
Custom scripts for servers

So if you’re looking for an extra layer of protection on top of normal cloud features, IDrive offers total data safety peace of mind.

Get Started with IDrive

5. Microsoft OneDrive – Best for Windows

Security: Decent protections
Free Storage: 5GB
Paid Plans: $1.99/month for 100GB

Given how OneDrive is baked into Windows 11, it makes for a seamless cloud storage choice on most PCs. And by pairing it with an Office 365 subscription, you unlock excellent document collaboration as well.

Standout features include:

️ Native Windows 11 integration
️ Saved folders always up to date
Easy sharing and edits on Office files
Access/share files via mobile

So while Apple diehards may not dig OneDrive as much, it brings awesome convenience for cloud storage Windows users.

OneDrive Sign-Up

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6. pCloud – Lifetime Deal

Security: Decent with client-side option
Free Storage: 20GB
Paid Plans: $175 one-time payment for 500GB

Okay okay, I mainly had to shout out pCloud for their lifetime cloud storage deal. Pay once – get the features forever.

Beyond the obvious pricing win, pCloud brings nice touches like:

Bonus storage rewards
Custom branded file links
Server-side or client-side encryption
Stream music/videos

For storage plus handy media features, pCloud does the job. Again, snag that lifetime deal while you can!

See pCloud’s Lifetime Special

7. Box – Top File Collaboration

Security: Mature admin controls
Free Storage: 10GB
Paid Plans: $14/month for unlimited

Originally aiming their firepower at enterprises and big biz, Box has expanded downmarket while keeping powerful features for compliant file sharing and team workflows.

Our favorite Box perks:

Robust user management Detailed permissions settings
⚖️ Advanced data governance
Approval processes for access

So if you need capabilities beyond basic file sync and access controls, Box is a smart play – especially for regulated industries like healthcare and finance.

See Box Plans

8. SugarSync – Most User-Friendly

Security: Decent protections
Free Storage: 30-day free trial
Paid Plans: $7.49/month 100GB

SugarSync stands out by making cloud backup incredibly simple and approachable for less tech-savvy folks.

Their well-designed platform allows anyone to:

Quickly access recently used files
Automatically sync photos/vids from mobile
Effortlessly share folders with others Recover deleted files if needed

So if you want an easy yet effective cloud storage experience for individuals and teams, SugarSync nails it.

Start SugarSync Free Trial

9. ElephantDrive – Top Value

Security: Standard protection
Free Storage: 2GB trial
Paid Plans: $10/month for 1TB

If your priority is maximizing cloud storage space per dollar spent, it’s tough to beat ElephantDrive. They offer among the most cost-efficient plans packed with user-friendly features like:

Automatic file syncing across devices
Mobile apps for iOS and Android access At rest + transfer encryption

While ElephantDrive misses out on some extra security and collaboration capabilities, their plans provide excellent bang-for-buck cloud storage.

See ElephantDrive’s Value Plans

10. Tresorit – Zero Knowledge Encryption

Security: End-to-end encryption
Free Storage: 3GB free tier
Paid Plans: $12/month for 500GB

If even Sync’s offerings don’t satisfied your encryption paranoia levels, Tresorit cranks security up to 11. Their service is anchored around encryption so strong that nobody except the account owner can ever access files stored.

Some highlights:

End-to-end AES encryption
Encrypt files before sync
Zero knowledge architecture
Key recovery with secret sharing

So for industries like healthcare and finance with incredibly strict data protections, Tresorit makes compliance easy.

Learn About Tresorit

Key Takeaways

For the average user, Google DriveDropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive are safe bets that balance features, convenience and pricing.

If protecting sensitive data is critical, Sync and Tresorit have the strongest privacy-focused offerings.

 Box leads the pack for advanced content collaboration and oversight within organizations.

While free tiers are common, paid plans unlock more storage, features, support, and security.


What about Apple iCloud – isn’t that the obvious choice for iPhone users?

iCloud is definitely handy for automatically syncing iPhone photos, notes, contacts and more across Apple devices. But for a few reasons, it’s not ideal as a general cloud storage solution:

❌ Super locked into Apple ecosystem
❌ Lacks collaboration capabilities
❌ No Windows/Android support
❌ struggle around managing storage limits

So iCloud works great as a companion to other cloud storage. But I wouldn’t rely on it as my only file repository.

Can I access cloud storage files offline too?

Many cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox let you select files, folders or entire storage contents to be available offline. This syncs the data to your device’s hard drive.

Benefits include:

✅ Access stuff without internet
✅ Save bandwidth on huge files
✅ Speedier performance

Just beware offline syncing eats up device storage fast! So enable it judiciously for your must-have files.

That sums up our epic showdown of the top cloud storage titans for 2024! Let me know if you have any other Qs on picking the perfect file locker for your needs. Until then, may your uploads never stall and your downloads be bountiful!

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