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Free Fire Advance Server – How To Get Code, Download, Login

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Free Fire Advance is a battle royale game. Here up to 50 players engage in thrilling, large-scale combat where only one prevail. More specifically, this advanced version allows you to preview certain upcoming additions to the basic game. You can find all of the brand-new skins, all of the weapons that are being tested, and many other minor adjustments in this version of the game that will be gradually integrated into the finished product.

Players can try out new additions to the main Free Fire game on the Free Fire Advance Server before they are implemented. The Advance Server is there to help find problems with future upgrades before they are released. New features, such as maps, modes, characters, events, and more, can be tried out by players in advance of their official release.

How to Get Invitatation for Free Fire Advance Server Code

It’s vital to keep in mind that you’ll need to obtain an activation code in order to play Free Fire Advance. Visit the official website and register there using your actual email address and phone number to receive this code. Just wait to get the code after finishing this step. The activation code is personal to you and cannot be shared with anyone. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that the Advance server has restricted access, so you cannot get the code for a few days.

The gaming experience in Free Fire Advance is still very much like what fans of the series are used to, despite all the new features you’ll see. You can play both single and team games, as normal. You’ll also get to try out some of the unique game types that were ultimately included in the finished edition of Free Fire.

With a ton of brand-new features that are guaranteed to surprise even the most seasoned players, Free Fire Advance allows you to take advantage of the same battle royale experience you’re used to. However, your progress made on the Advance server won’t carry over to the Free Fire ordinary edition. Your account on the Advance server, in other words, is completely separate from your account on the ordinary server.

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You can try following Free Fire Advance Server Code:

  2. CODE 2: 22I334N3MTN3TK2A
  6. Code 6 : FFMERO69913G
  7. Code 7: FFTIF6PS16NQ
  8. Code 8: FFW5J5JY9PRO
  9. Code 9: FFMI3P87ZTE0
  10. Code 10: FFKQAIV9SWAJ
  11. Code 11: FF1N8JNH7RE0
  12. Code 12: FFW2G4LR652X

Here are some activation codes for login:

  • TT2GXJ2CY3Y9YK69

List of all free-fire Advance Servers

  1. Indonesia Server
  2. India server
  3. Europe server
  4. Brazil server
  5. Bangladesh server
  6. Taiwan Server
  7. Middle East Server
  8. Vietnam server
  9. Mexico Sever (Free Fire-Latam)
  10. Malaysia server
  11. Thailand server
  12. Pakistan

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Testing New Gameplay Features

The Advance Server gives players the chance to try out major gameplay changes ahead of public release:

– New characters and pet abilities

– Weapon stats adjustments and new armory additions

– Map area updates, visual upgrades and gameplay tweaks

– New seasonal game modes, themed events and custom rooms

Exclusive Skins and Items

Players can unlock special exclusive items through events and achievements on the Advance Server. These rare collectibles include costumes, weapon skins, crates and more. Players can stand out from the crowd with these limited edition rewards.

Bug Reporting and Feedback

Beta testing on the Advance Server is vital for identifying issues before public release. Players are encouraged to report any bugs or glitches they encounter while playing. The feedback helps developers polish the features and gameplay ahead of the official update.

Tips for Free Fire Advance Server Participants

To get the most out of the Advance Server, players should:

  • Read patch notes to stay updated on changes
  • Team up with other testers to explore features
  • Abide by community guidelines to avoid bans
  • Provide constructive and detailed feedback

The Free Fire Advance Server allows players to directly contribute to improving the game. Joining the early testing program offers exciting exclusive rewards and access to what’s next for Free Fire.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the Advance Server?

You need to provide your Free Fire ID and complete a registration form when sign-ups are open. Users are selected based on profile stats and activity.

What are the requirements to join?

There are no strict requirements, but active players with higher ranks tend to get selected. Make sure your device meets minimum specs.

When will I get rewards from the Advance Server?

Any items or progress unlocked on the Advance Server will not carry over to the main game. The rewards are exclusive to the testing period.

Can I get banned for bugs on the Advance Server?

You can’t get banned as issues and bugs are expected during testing. Be sure to report any major problems or exploits.


The Free Fire Advance Server provides dedicated players early access to new content and features before public release. Testing out upcoming changes is not only fun and rewarding, but helps improve the game by identifying issues ahead of time. Players should grab this exclusive opportunity to shape the future of Free Fire.

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