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How To Protect Your VPS From DDoS Attacks?

September 16, 2022, Written by 0 comment

When it comes to hosting, most business owners want to set it and forget it. They do not consider all of the conceivable worst-case situations that may influence their online presence and, as a result, do not actively prepare for them. Cybercriminals, unfortunately, do.

So, whether your company holds sensitive information (for example, for payments) or provides a vital service online (that may be harmed by a brief outage), it’s important to have a solid plan B in place for when worst-case scenarios arise.

DDoS assaults are one of the most common worst-case scenarios that have been impacting organizations globally for decades.

What Causes DDoS Attacks?

DDoS attacks are networks of computers (essential bots) attempting to access your server from several places simultaneously. These requests (typically measured in tens of thousands) soon overload your server’s allowed bandwidth and cause your website, email server, or even cPanel to go down.

DDoS assaults have gotten increasingly aggressive over the years. While a typical assault in the 2000s may use a few hundred megabytes of bandwidth per second, today’s attacks consume terabytes and account for over a third of all online outages.

Extensive downtime caused by a significant DDoS assault might result in permanent customer and income loss, as well as a loss of faith in your brand. Cybercriminals are aware of this and frequently coordinate DDoS assaults on behalf of competitors or outright demand a ransom. Any website that does not have enough DDoS defense may become a victim.

Businesses that plan ahead of time do better in the face of DDoS assaults than those that do not. What is the distinction?

Cybercriminals are always seeking flaws in server design, HTTP requests, authentication techniques, and other areas. It’s critical to maintain your codebase (both frontend and backend) up to date, which includes using the most recent frameworks, plugins, APIs, and security updates.

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Furthermore, regular and comprehensive backups will provide your company with more alternatives for navigating the assault than allowing thieves to keep your single source of data hostage.

Finally, regardless of the intensity of the DDoS assault, the most important mitigation tool is protection from a high-quality hosting provider. Furthermore, dedicated servers might give greater protection against DDoS attacks.

What Exactly Is a DDoS Protected VPS?

A DDoS Protected VPS is a Virtual Private Server, designed on a network capable of handling big DDoS attacks and includes powerful DDoS mitigation mechanisms.

To distinguish genuine traffic from DDoS activity, a network must be able to manage huge incoming demands.

Granular management of traffic inflow is possible using hardware and software mitigation solutions, particularly during complex assaults.

Why Use a VPS for DDoS Protection?

As previously said, safeguarding your company from DDoS assaults may need gigabytes, if not terabytes, of scalable, on-demand bandwidth from your hosting provider. When deciding between shared hosting and VPS hosting, scalability might be a challenge.

When considering hosting only on price, keep DDoS attack resources in mind — most of the time, cheaper shared hosting companies are not prepared to supply you with the necessary resources to resist DDoS attacks. Furthermore, because the assault overloads the server that other tenants share with you, they are more likely to shut down your website.

A virtual private server (VPS) provides stronger DDoS protection than any shared hosting option by default, but you should check with your hosting provider for specifics. For example, at VPSWala, we ensure that your account is protected against all known kinds of volumetric DDoS assaults.

When you purchase a VPSWALA VPS package, our patented systems begin monitoring all incoming network traffic (not just web traffic) for anomalies. During a DDoS assault, our DDoS mitigation system isolates and blocks bad agents while allowing genuine clients to pass through.

The best part is that all VPS WALA VPS plans feature free basic protection. However, if your company is frequently targeted by DDoS assaults, you can easily upgrade to advanced and premium security at any moment.

What exactly is DDoS protection?

Anti-DDoS protection is a combination of hardware and software that actively safeguards clients against DDoS attacks.

VPS WALA uses three forms of security:

The first is always active and is located outside of our network’s entrance point. It protects against less complex assaults that occur on a regular basis, and every VPS client receives 2 Gbps of protection by default.

The second version resides within our network and scrubs traffic more thoroughly, allowing us to scrub sophisticated and shifting attack vectors.

The third is off-network and sends traffic to a cleaning infrastructure that deals with massive quantities of trash traffic. Unsophisticated, malicious traffic is sent off-network and then re-routed via both levels of security.

How to Handle a DDoS Attack Successfully?

Being prepared is your most effective tool as an online business against any prospective DDoS attack:

Begin by determining how much DDoS protection you currently have from your hosting provider. What is the protection volume measured in Gbps? Is it possible to guard against Layer 3-4 (volumetric) and Layer 7 (application layer or SYN flood) attacks? How fast can you reach customer support when the assault happens?

Check that your server codebase is up to date and that your data is regularly backed up. Check how you can get to your backup.

Confirm that your hosting provider has a suitable firewall and a load balancer.

Think about utilizing Cloudflare. Cloudflare, being one of the world’s most prominent content delivery networks, can instantly identify the source of your DDoS assault and block those IP addresses throughout its worldwide network. Inquire with your hosting provider about Cloudflare integration.

DDoS assaults are taken seriously at VPSWala. As a result, all of our VPS plans include 2 Gbps of baseline DDoS protection. We also provide sophisticated and premium DDoS protection services that find the perfect combination of price and security. Our firewall and load balancer are always up and running. You may enable automatic backups and CloudFlare integration with a single click.

Contact us immediately for a comprehensive explanation of DDoS protection with our VPS hosting options.

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