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16 Must Have Plugins For Your WordPress Website

December 9, 2021, Written by 0 comment

Looking for Best WordPress Plugins for your website? And wanted to start your WordPress on the right foot but are you overwhelmed by the number of plugins for WordPress available? Continue reading.

The CMS that powers more than 35% of the internet, WordPress is a content management system used to run personal blogs, small-business websites, as well as corporate publications. The system’s versatility provides endless opportunities for companies to advertise their brand and products.

Furthermore, WordPress plugins provide the ability to add additional features to your website. There is no need to hire developers to build blogs or a video carousel. You can instead complete these tasks in several easy steps.

After extensive research, We’ve found the top WordPress plugins on the market as well as how to choose the best one for your site.

To narrow our search results, we’ve created an inventory of the 15 most effective WordPress plugins that are based on several aspects, including the number of installations as well as the user reviews. We’ve also used all the plugins in this list, assisting you to identify the most effective features each plugin provides.

Let’s begin with the most well-known WordPress plugins.

The 16 Most Popular Plugins for Any WordPress Site

The most efficient WordPress websites offer a pleasurable user experience. If you’re writing about the most popular fashion trends or selling merchandise for your business it is possible to enhance your site with the plugins listed below.

1. WPForms

Every website should have a contact form as it allows visitors to contact you. WPForms can be described as the best and most convenient contact form plugin available for WordPress.

This drag and drop online form maker allows users to make forms for contacts such as electronic subscription forms online order forms, payment forms, surveys, polls, and virtually all other kinds of forms online with only two clicks. They provide over 300 forms that have been designed to simplify your work. WPForms integrates with the most prominent payment and marketing platforms, which means that you can create effective forms in just five minutes.

It has powerful features that don’t exist in other form builders, such as conversational forms and landing pages for forms, tracking user journeys, forms abandonment and geolocation tracker GDPR-friendly customized WordPress login and user registration forms, etc.

We’re using WPForms for our WPBeginner website as well as on the other sites we have. We’re not the only ones. More than 5 million websites utilize WPForms. They have maintained an average of 4.9 out of 5-star rating average for more than four years.

There’s a cost-free WPForms Lite version available for users searching for an easy solution.

If you’re trying to expand your business, we suggest you purchase the Pro version as it includes all the features that you require to enhance the lead-generation efforts of your business. Take advantage of this WPForms coupon to receive 50 percent off the purchase.

Alternate: A formidable Form is an excellent option for creating advanced, solution-focused WordPress forms.

2. Ultimate Member

Websites for membership are vital to creating communities online. It’s an opportunity for members to come together over a common cause. Miranda Hill, a contributor to SmartBlogger is in agreement:

“People are drawn to being in the same people like themselves, united by an interest that is common to all, and with similar issues and problems to discuss. Membership sites help build tribes.”

It is possible to create your own community using Ultimate Member. The plugin lets users join your website and create user profiles that are customized for each member. It can also generate emails to send out announcements to members only. There are also free extensions available to include a terms and conditions checkbox on any registration pages.

3. WooCommerce

One of the major advantages of WordPress is the capability to turn your site into an online shop. It’s not just about setting up your blog but can also sell goods and other services. In the case of digital files to tangible products that you can accept orders within a couple of minutes.

WooCommerce is an extremely well-known eCommerce plugin to build an online store that is fully customizable. Through the guided tour of the plugin, you can create checkout and product pages, add shipping options and change the layout of your design.

The tool is compatible to more than 100 different payment gateways which include Stripe, PayPal, Square as well as Amazon Pay. Premium add-ons allow you to offer subscriptions as well as coupons.

Some of the features WooCommerce provides include:

Embed any product on any webpage – customers can use shortcodes to add their products to blogs or landing pages to generate more sales.

Tags, categories, and attributes – utilize these elements to define and categorize products that have similar features, making it easier for shoppers to find the right items.

Unlimited images You can use as many pictures as you like to show off your products and communicate information visually to your customers.

A wide range of themes to choose from There is a lot of amazing themes available on WooCommerce’s official theme store as well as other third-party marketplaces.

Shipping options – this no-cost plugin provides a variety of different shipping options that offer a variety of options for users to choose from.

Sorting and filtering options Shoppers can sort items by price or attributes to find the perfect match.

It supports a variety of payment gateways. WooCommerce has a wide range of payment processors that allow customers to investigate their options and choose the most value for money.

Notable Features

WooCommerce comes with a wizard for setting up to make setting up your store simpler. It will ask you questions regarding your store, such as the location, industry, and the types of products. This tool will provide recommendations based on your requirements.

4. NextGEN Gallery

Research has shown an average of 81% of users just skim over the information they read on the internet. The internet is a multi-tasking place, and people are constantly multi-tasking visit your website, and they can be easily distracted. It is your goal to keep your visitors’ attention. Visuals can keep visitors glued to your site.

Utilizing NextGEN Gallery, the NextGEN Gallery plugin, you can create a beautiful gallery of photos. Show your photos in three gallery styles: slideshow, thumbnails, and images in a browser. You can then alter the gallery’s appearance by choosing the size, time as well as transitions and effects of the lightbox.

Created for photographers and artists This WordPress plugin can also be helpful for beginners looking to set up a simple gallery. The user-friendly interface allows users to upload metadata and organize photographs, and organize collections into albums.

5. Constant Contact Forms

Your email list acts as an interface between your company’s brand and your clients. A well-designed email list will bring your business an ardent following and increase sales for your product. To establish an email mailing list you will need to incorporate several forms onto your website.

Constant Contact Forms lets you build custom forms to collect the details of your visitors, such as the names of visitors, their email addresses and even addresses. One of the advantages is that all forms automatically adapt to the style and theme of your WordPress website.

If you’re an existing Constant Contact client you can also connect your account to add prospects directly into your mailing list. You can also create your own email list without ever leaving your WordPress dashboard.

6. Yoast SEO

Search engine optimization remains an effective method to boost web traffic. Since people are searching through Google and Bing and other relevant keywords, it will bring new traffic to your website. Sam Hollingsworth, director of the search of Elevation Ten Thousand, explains:

“Implementing high-quality, effective SEO on a company’s website and digital properties will always prove to benefit the brand and its marketing strategies. It’s often referred to as a “new technology in marketing, but it’s vital to the web presence of a brand in the present day.”

Yoast SEO offers you complete control over your ranking on search engines. It offers meta description and title templating to create consistently featured snippets and automatically creates canonical URLs to ensure that there is no duplicate content.

7. Akismet

Spam is similar to guests who are not welcome at your birthday celebration. They can cause a slowdown in your website’s performance and disrupt the party for the guests you invited to attend.

This is especially applicable to spam that is posted on the comments part of your site. It is not pleasant to read messages that contain randomly written letters or explicit words.

Akismet is designed to stop your website from publishing harmful content by examining your form submissions and comments. The most well-known WordPress plugin’s feature to discard will block spammers to improve the speed of your site.

Akismet keeps a history of the status for each comment, meaning you will have a full image of the comments that were removed. Moderators can also view the number of comments that were approved for each user, as well.

8. MonsterInsights

According to research, 79% of senior executives from enterprises think that not adopting big data can cause businesses to lose market share and even risk losing their competitive edge. Data can give you an in-depth view of the traffic on your site and sales.

The ability to track data is vital and you’ll need to make use of a plugin like MonsterInsights to display the data that matters. The tool integrates WordPress to Google Analytics to provide customized audiences, behavior reports, as well as eCommerce. For instance, you will determine exactly how your visitors came to your site and the keywords they used to find it.

The plugin also provides the ability to track visitors on a variety of platforms and devices. So you can tie the marketing effort to appropriate campaigns.

9. Newsletter

Communication is crucial when creating ongoing relationships with customers. You must inform your customers about new the upcoming launches of your products and events. Newsletters via email are a simple method of delivering that content to your clients.

By installing using the Newsletter WordPress plugin You’ll have access to the entire system for marketing emails within the WordPress dashboard. The drag-and-drop editor is ideal for designers with no experience who need to create emails quickly and be responsive. Advanced targeting lets you tailor your messages to specific recipients.

Send your newsletters using HTML or plain-text formats. You’ll be able to access statistics on your emails to see the total number of email messages sent as well as open and click rates as well as overall interaction.

10. W3 Total Cache

The speed at which websites load is crucial for the user experience. If your site is slow to load, your visitors may quit your site and look for a different choice.

“Search engines are looking to provide results that offer a pleasant user experience They prefer sites that load fast. To attract search engines, websites should always include speed optimization into its plan,” states Jennifer Yesbeck as a marketing specialist at Alexa.

The W3 Total Cache is a WordPress caching plugin that helps to improve the performance of your website. It seamlessly connects to your content delivery network and helps save bandwidth by compressing and reducing the website’s content files.

11. The Events Calendar

If you are a leader of an organization for community groups or a business, the aim of an organizer of events is to inspire participants to join. Events that are both online and offline will help increase your brand’s credibility and inspire your targeted group to sign up.

It is possible to streamline your process using The Events Calendar. The most well-known WordPress plugin can be integrated seamlessly with every WordPress theme to show your forthcoming events. You can choose from a range of calendar views such as day, month, or lists.

If you upgrade to the Pro version, you’ll get additional features, such as the ability to schedule events in the future as well as calendar shortcodes along with custom fields for events. If you also connect it to an Event Tickets plugin, you can create tickets for events and make the payments through PayPal.

12. Smush

The trend of the moment is to incorporate plenty of images into the website in order to keep them entertained. However, bigger pages take 31% longer to load visually when compared to smaller ones, and long loading times for websites result in higher bounce rates. The answer can be to improve the speed of your image, without losing quality.

Smush is a robust WordPress plugin that compresses and optimizes images. With the ability to resize images, you can define a maximum width as well as a height that will scale down every image. The feature for detecting images quickly finds images that are slowing down your website. In addition to processing PNG, JPEG, and GIF files This plugin allows you to optimize up to 50 images in one click.

13. Seriously Simple Podcasting

Podcasting is becoming an extremely popular media platform for users. The listeners are engaged with different topics from news to pottery to television shows. People love this on-demand content because they can listen in the gym, during their commute, or even on their outdoor patio.

Make the most of this opportunity for content by using Seriously Simple Podcasting. This tool allows you to publish the RSS feed of your WordPress website to various podcast directories. Your content will be conforming to iTunes Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

You can modify your RSS feed’s information by changing the name of the podcast, its description artwork, cover, and category. You can also set up password-protected RSS feeds, which limit users to only premium-quality content.

14. Redirection

A 404 error happens when the requested URL is not located. A large number of users will arrive at the damaged link and quickly leave. The error pages can also derail SEO efforts.

“The bad news about 404s is if you have an irregular volume of 404 redirects in a short period of time on your site, this could cause a negative effect on your site’s overall search rating,” writes Ryan Skidmore, digital marketing director at Big Leap.

The Redirection plugin tracks your 404 errors, and redirects broken links to a new webpage. There is no technical skills to set up the plugin. Additionally, this WordPress plugin will be aware of the changes in your permalinks, which means it will automatically create an automatic redirect towards the newly created URL.

15. RafflePress

Giveaways online benefit your business by increasing your site visitors, increasing the number of emails you receive, as well as creating targeted leads. The fun contests make visitors eager to know more about your company and give them the chance to win a cool prize.

RafflePress can assist you in organizing your next giveaway online. The WordPress plugin comes with pre-designed contest templates, as well as a drag and drop sweepstakes creator. In less than five minutes, you can create prizes with images, set up viral sharing actions, and alter the look to fit your branding.

The program awards extra points to those who take bonuses, like sharing your Facebook page and following your Twitter profile, and watching YouTube videos. All social activities are validated using an API to ensure top-quality social media interaction.

16. Wordfence

Cybersecurity is an increasing concern for businesses across all sectors. Studies have shown that hackers hack each and every minute, which is an average of 244 times per day. The most sensible step is to use a security tool that will ensure that all the website’s files are secure.

Created to safeguard your WordPress website, Wordfence offers a firewall that blocks harmful traffic. This complete solution scans your primary files, themes as well as plugins, for malicious code, malicious URLs, backdoors and SEO spam, harmful redirects, as well as code injections.

The live traffic feature tracks hack attempts and visits in real-time. In addition, this plugin won’t breach the encryption, nor leak data therefore hackers are unable to get around it.

Improve Your Website by Adding WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins can be a powerful method to improve your website. From eCommerce to video to scheduling tools you can try one (or several) of the plugins mentioned above to draw in new visitors. Start creating your WordPress website now with VPSWALA’s WordPress hosting.

Official WordPress plugin directory and Envato Market are two reliable websites that allow you to download plugins. The second site offers a variety of premium plugins that you can purchase.

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