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Instagram 3d Image Creator – Create Images From Words With Bing AI

January 16, 2024, Written by 0 comment

Yo, have you seen those insane 3D images popping up all over Instagram lately? The ones that look like they are jumping out of your screen? Well, guess what – you can easily create those types of trippy visuals yourself with Bing’s new AI image generator. Stick with me and I’ll walk you through exactly how it works!

Wait, What’s An AI Image Generator?

Here’s a quick 101 before we dive in…

An AI image generator is an online tool powered by artificial intelligence that creates unique images based on whatever text description you input. So it’s kinda like having your creative digital assistant!

These tools use deep learning and neural networks to generate all kinds of wacky, weird, and wonderful visuals. From photorealistic portraits to abstract art, landscapes, logos – you name it.

Meet Bing’s Image Creator

Bing recently launched their own AI image generator creatively called…drum roll…the Bing Image Creator!

It’s free to use and integrated right into the Bing search engine. All you need is a Microsoft or Outlook account.

I’ll be showing you how to leverage this futuristic tool to cook up some truly trippy 3D visuals perfect for the ‘gram.

Let’s Create a 3D Image For Instagram With The Bing AI

Ready to manifest some digital magic? Follow me into the machine…

Step 1 – Head to Bing Image Creator

✅ Pull up Bing.com 3d image creator ✅ Sign in with your Microsoft account ✅ Click on ‘Images’ tab ✅ Select ‘Image Creator’

You should now see the creator dashboard with a text box ready for your prompt.

Step 2 – Craft Your Text Prompt

This is where you describe the 3D image you want generated. Be as detailed as possible!

Some things to include:

✅ Physical description of subject
✅ Pose, clothing, expressions ✅ Textures, lighting, camera angle
✅ Background objects or scene setting

Pro Tip: Use vivid sensory language and imaginative descriptors. Help the AI visualize what you see in your mind’s eye!

Here’s an example prompt:

A close-up portrait of a smiling young woman with long blonde dreadlocks, a septum piercing, and light freckles on her cheeks. She is wearing an off-the-shoulder peasant top. Soft natural window lighting falls across her face at a 45 degree angle, creating subtle shadows. The background is out of focus, with just hints of lush green foliage visible. This image has a warm, vibrant color scheme and sharp focus on the woman’s friendly expression.

Step 3 – Review and Finalize Image

Once generated, you can go back and forth tweaking the prompt to get your 3D Instagram image looking just right:

✅ Click ‘Edit’ to make small text changes ✅ Click ‘Create Another’ for a fresh new version ✅ Use sliders to control backdrop or adjust facial features

When your pic has the perfect balance of wow-factor and recognizability, you’re ready to export and upload!

Post Your Surreal Share to the ‘Gram

Now the fun part – unleashing your AI-generated visuals to the adoring masses!

To upload from Bing’s Image Creator directly to your Instagram:

✅ Click the Share icon
✅ Choose ‘Instagram post’ or ‘Instagram story’

Type up an intriguing caption, add relevant hashtags like #3dart, and watch the likes come pouring in!

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Pro-Level Tips For Eye-Popping 3D Images

Take your AI Instagram artistry up a notch with these expert tricks:

Emphasize Perspective and Depth

Use descriptors that map out the foreground, midground, and background to add convincing depth:

“In the immediate foreground, an elderly woman in a rocking chair knits a red scarf. Behind her sits a vase of sunflowers on a table. The background shows a cozy living room scene with a lit fireplace and family photos on the mantel.”

Get Creative With Lighting and Shadows

Add drama by calling out intense beams of light, spotlights, or strong side lighting that casts intense shadows:

“Bright white spotlights from overhead shine directly on a young breakdancer executing a headspin move, creating a silhouette effect on the stage floor.”

Go Crazy With Textures and Surface Details

Turn up the tactile language to make 3D forms more tangible and multifaceted. Discuss imperfections, weathering, grain, reflectivity and more:

“A highly detailed robotic cyborg face with a scratched metal surface revealing wires and circuits underneath. Its left eye is an advanced bionic camera lens collecting environmental data.”

Have fun and get weird with it! The more you use the Bing AI image generator, the better you’ll get at manifesting any wild visuals you can imagine.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bing’s Image Creator uses AI to generate images from text prompts
  • Craft detailed text descriptions of your desired 3D Instagram image
  • Tweak prompts until satisfied, export, upload to Instagram
  • Add perspective, lighting and textures for maximum 3D realism
  • Unleash your creativity – the possibilities are endless!

Ready to step up your Instagram game with next-level AI-powered visuals that capture attention and rake in the digital heart-eyes? Then plug into Bing’s Image Creator and start manifesting some magic!

FAQs About Bing Image Creator

Got lingering questions? Here’s some background on how Bing’s trippy tech works:

How quickly does it create images?

Generation time ranges from 5 seconds for simpler graphics up to a minute for intricate, highly-detailed images. Pretty speedy!

How many images can I create per day? Currently, you get about 50 free generations per month. But Microsoft plans to build in unlimited use cases down the road.

What visual styles are possible?

Anything you can think of! The tool can mimic photography, vector illustrations, paintings, pencil sketches, cartoons, logos, landscapes – you name it.

Can the AI recreate real people or brands without permission?

Nope! Bing’s Image Creator won’t depict any identifiable people or trademarked content to respect privacy and IP rights. Stick to fictional subjects or public domain references.

Is there a review process before images publish to social media?

Yes, generated images route through an additional monitoring system to catch any problematic content before reaching platforms like Instagram. Safety first!

Fired up to channel your inner digital visionary? With Bing’s infinitely imaginative Image Creator, you now wield the artistic range of AI at your fingertips. Time to make Instagram your 3D visual playground!

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