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Is Soap2day Illegal?

July 16, 2022, Written by 0 comment

People love watching movies and shows from all over the world. But many of these shows are not available in their countries and this is where websites like soap2day come into the picture. Soap2day is a website where one can watch the most popular and highly-rated movies and shows for free. It was launched in 2018 and since has been a popular choice amongst viewers to stream their favorite shows and movies which are not easily available otherwise.

Recently the website got delisted by Google which left many people wondering, is soap2day illegal? Yes, soap2day is an illegal website and in many countries, users are blocked from accessing this site. However, there are ways you can employ to use soap2day safely to watch your favorite content and the same has been discussed in this article.

Why Is Soap2day Illegal?

1 – Virus Injection – soap2day in itself is not a virus and can be accessed safely. However, the site is loaded with advertisements and if you click on any of the links, there is a high probability that your device will be injected with a virus or adware. While the safest way is to never click on any links on this website, sometimes the popup ads load on the screen and when you try to close it, the link gets clicked.

Is soap2day safe?

2 – Copyright Violation – all shows and movies are copyright protected and their streaming rights are owned by the copyright holders. Streaming these movies or shows for free without the copyright holders’ permission is illegal and not permitted. And that’s what websites like soap2day are doing. They upload the content on their website for viewers to watch without taking the required permission.

This answers the question is soap2day illegal. Yes, it is in many countries and anyone caught using this website or downloading content from it can also face punishment for doing so.

How To Use Soap2day?

If you are wondering how to use soap2day safely without any issues, we have some measures that you can follow:

1 – VPN – virtual private network or VPN provides an encrypted and secured network and doesn’t permit your IP address to be visible to hackers, companies, and even government agencies. When you access soap2day using a VPN, not only your IP details are hidden but it also helps to circumnavigate the restrictions on soap2day that many countries in the world have imposed. All you have to do is download and install any reputed VPN on your computer, create an account there, log in to your account and then visit the soap2day website.

2 – Visit Soap2day Links – since being delisted by the Google, soap2day provided several official links on Twitter asking users to click on these official domains to gain access to their site. You can try clicking on these links to find out whether they are restricted in your country or not. If not restricted, clicking on these links will land you on soap2day’s homepage.

How To Remove Virus Injected By Soap2day?

If after accessing the soap2day website from your computer, your device is facing some issues, there is a good probability that your computer has been injected with some virus or malware. To remove the same from the system, follow the given steps:

1 – Go to your web browser and delete all the unnecessary and unwanted extensions

2 – Reset your web browser. For instance, if you are using chrome, go to advanced settings, and from there choose the restore settings to their original defaults in order to reset chrome

3 – Uninstall mistrustful programs- click on the start button of your device, and go to the control panel. Choose the uninstall program option and from the list of the programs mentioned therein, uninstall any program that seems suspicious.


While many people love using the soap2day website, a lot of users continue to wonder is soap2day illegal? The answer is yes. Though it mainly depends on the cyber laws of the country you reside in, soap2day is illegal in most countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and Sweden. If you still want to access the soap2day website, follow the steps given in the article above.

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